What About Honest Diapers and Products?

Honest Diapers Review
Honest Diaper Review

Honest diapers are one of the most talked about brands and with Honest being the hottest name brand at the moment. With everything from baby care to home care and beyond – they’ve taken over this corner of the market and do not have any plans of backing down.

I am going to go through some of the basics, background and then let you know how I feel about the company as a whole. This is because there is a lot of talk out there on whether or not the products are worth the cost, including Honest diapers.

Honest Background

One of the biggest highlights of this company for so many is that Jessica Alba is the co-founder of the company. She was searching for a safer, cleaner way to raise a family and clean the home. This is where the idea of Honest came around.

Made in the USA and headquartered in California, it is definitely a company that gets a lot of exposure due to her already fame.

Alongside Christopher Gavigan, the two have paired up to make one of the biggest and best companies that are currently selling throughout the country. A dad to four, he was looking for a healthier way to raise his children instead of the many wasteful products that you’d normally find throughout the aisles in the stores.

What They Sell – Including Honest Diapers

With everything from household products to baby necessities, you can find it at honest. Here is a quick lineup of some of the items you can find and many of the items that I used.

My Honest Review 

When it comes to Honest, I definitely loved their products. The cleaners of all kinds were not harsh, had a faint smell and were all able to do the cleaning that I needed to have done. The Honest diapers I loved.

They held up well, were lighter weight with cute designs. They are also made to be biodegradable, which is ideal for the environment.

However, the one thing I did hate about them is that their prices are so high! The wipes were thicker than I would have liked since they tend to rip a bit easier, but still okay to use.

I love their products and loved using them, but they definitely do leave a dent. Is it worth it – sure. I spent the money, and continue to spend the money on them because they got the job done and are safer for my family. So the money to safe ratio was ideal in my book.

When it comes to reviewing these products, I didn’t receive anything in return for my honest review. I went out and purchased the products and used them within my home, on my children and then decided for myself on what to write.

What you choose is up to you, but they definitely seem to be doing their part for the environment around them which is always a plus when it comes to obtaining something that someone recommends and Honest diapers are honestly cute!

Honest gets 4 out of 5 stars in my books – of course, because they’re not completely cloth, which seems to be the way to go.

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