Baby Lotion or Not to Lotion?

To Baby Lotion or Not?
To Baby Lotion or Not?

So many people out there are curious on whether or not they should lotion their baby? This is something that you have to consider on your own. Babies have sensitive skin and sometimes, you may not want to worry about lathering them up with loads of lotion, since this can irritate the skin. Sometimes however, the baby might need a good massage with a bit of lotion to reduce colic, for better sleep and to help reduce dry skin that some babies do have.

What the Experts Say on Baby Lotion 

When it comes to baby lotion, many experts agree that a little can go a long way when it comes to sensitive baby skin. With certain lotions however, they may not be good for baby’s soft skin. It is important to find the right lotion for baby. This is because those that have extra additives in them, or that are meant for adults are not recommended for baby’s use.

When choosing a lotion, go with one of these choices:

Remember, a little bit can go a long way. Not only that, but do not lotion more than once a day and do not do it every day of the week. Only a couple times is needed.

Creating a Baby Lotion Schedule 

Babies love schedules, so why wouldn’t you create one for your little one when it comes to how much lotion and when you lotion them?

When it comes to creating a schedule, bathing once or twice a week is all that is needed for baby’s under a year unless they have a condition that requires more or they become dirty from playing outside.

Keeping bath time to closer to the end of the day can not only calm and soothe a cranky baby, but it is a great time to give them a massage using the baby lotion of your choice. This can be done right before bed time, whatever that is in your household.

By keeping baby on a schedule for not only baths, bed and feedings but lotion times too; they will come to expect it in their routine and settle down easier.

Whether or not to lotion or not, that is completely up to you!


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