Teething Baby – Tips to Keep Your Sanity

Teething Baby

When it comes to having a teething baby, you have to know how to keep your sanity when the time comes. You want to know ways to reduce the pain that your little is in, while also ensuring that they’re not keeping you up all night due to it.

Here are some tips to help you soothe the teething baby in your life.

The Cold Washcloth Trick

This is well known by many moms, but if you’re new to this whole mom thing then it is important to keep this trick in mind. By wetting a washcloth and then placing it in a baggie, then into the freezer for an hour or so, you can then provide your little with something to hold onto. The cold washcloth will soothe and numb the gums, providing relief when it is needed.

Soothing Rubs 

Soothing the gums on a baby can be done easily with a clean finger in the mouth of a teething baby. You can gently rub across the area that is bothering the baby. This will relieve some of the pressure. Make sure to allow them to bite down on your finger, as well. This helps to press down on the inflamed area, releasing more pressure.

Chewing Rings

Chewing rings have always been highly recommended for teething babies. These however, should come from a reputable place. You want to make sure that they’re made from safe materials, as well. Wooden teething rings come highly recommended. They’re all natural ways to relieve the pressure without having to worry about the plastic on other chewing rings breaking down.

Teething Tabs 

Teething tabs come highly recommended when you have a teething baby. This is because these are natural tabs that provide the baby with a way to reduce pain. This is done without the medication that is usually given. They are also easy for the baby to take because they melt in the mouth.

We all know that this is easier said than done, but if you’re able to keep some of your sanity by keeping a teething baby happy, then it is a win/win situation for both baby and mom. If you have any other teething baby ideas, share them with us!

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