Prepping Meals: My Family’s ‘Not-So-Perfect’ Clean Eating Diet

Prepping meals

I always knew that I wanted to live a healthier lifestyle and do the same for my kids. I wanted to nourish them both emotionally and physically. Of course, breastfeeding is good for feeling that way and accomplishing your goal of sustaining a life by this liquid gold that you have, but as they get older; you need to provide more.

I try to get creative when it comes to meals and my kids really are not that picky. I do know however, that my friend’s kids are picky and my nephew is quite picky, so I try to consider that as I write this. I want to just outline some basic things that I learned as I went along to make shopping a bit easier, as well as meal prep but I also want to keep in mind that kids are picky out there!

Simple Things We Remove From Our Diets

We didn’t just hit the ground running to do this, even though I would like to say we did. It wasn’t easy and we still sometimes slip and enjoy a lot of things that we probably shouldn’t eat. Let’s face it, I am a sucker for half-moon cookies.

We eat whole foods, natural foods and non-GMO foods. Anything that is processed or created in a lab is not purchased. Refined sugar is also something that we do not use. My husband is on a Truvia kick, while I use raw sugar for everything. Saturated fats in foods should also be lower, but I tend to sometimes forget this step. Don’t tell!

We eat smaller portions, but my kids generally snack or ‘graze’ throughout the day.

To save money, we buy most of our meat in bulk and we purchase fresh fruits and veggies from produce stands by where we live. It gets harder to save money in the winter though, due to being in New York so the grocery store it is!

We also try to purchase organic whenever possible, though it can become quite expensive, depending on what you’re purchasing.

Examples of Our Meals

I use the guidelines above when I grocery shop and make crock pot meals ahead of time for the month. I then freeze them, so I can just pop them in the crock pot and go about my day. With so many kids, work and house cleaning; I get a bit crazy if I have to cook on top of it.

There are plenty of crock pot meals on Pinterest to use, if you wanted to try them out and I’ve recently used some from The Pinterest Place.

Additionally, we do a family pizza night every Friday. This is one of my kids favorite meals. Instead of ordering extremely expensive, greasy pizza though, we make our own. This way, we not only save money but we also have something healthier and we get to bond! With our busy lives, we don’t do hardly enough of this so we try to do the best we can with what little time we have together.

Kids Treats (For the Picky and Non-Picky Eaters of the World)

My kids love these items as snacks, though I am sure some may find that it is harder for their kids to eat them. If they do like them though and are considered picky then yay!

  • Homemade granola bars with dried fruit, oats, honey and nuts
  • Smoothies! 
  • Bananas with organic peanut butter
  • Cucumber and tomato salads
  • Dried fruits
  • Veggies and fruits raw
  • Yogurt of all kinds
  • Popcorn from an air popper, with no salt or butter

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