Have You Heard About the Baby Box?

baby box

This baby box is currently being raved about across the country. Did you know, it’s nothing new? Finland has been using these boxes for quite some time now. It has dramatically reduced SIDS throughout the entire country, so why wouldn’t we be interested in using them, too?

Finland gives these boxes out to new parents in the country, allowing them to get a box and some great goodies that come inside them. I definitely thought this was a cute idea and definitely wanted a box for myself!

Per tradition, my mom usually purchases her grand babies their cribs. My older sons had cribs purchased by her, my daughter and my sister’s three kids all had cribs purchased by her. However, this time around I still had my daughters crib even though she is currently five. I wanted to use hers again, since there was really no point in getting another crib. I asked my mom instead for one of these boxes.

As promised, she purchased one and had it sent to my house. I was SO excited. I ripped the box it came in open and got down to seeing all the goodies packed inside. I was also surprised at how big it was. Definitely baby-size worthy. My son is currently 6 months and a little over 19 pounds, 29 inches long and he still fits, though there is no room at the top or bottom for him to push and wiggle.

What’s Inside the Baby Box?

One of the biggest things I noted was everything inside. I received my box from the Baby Box Co. which gives you various levels of box and items to choose from. She got me the second to biggest which is the “Everything But the Stork Box”, though you could just purchase the box, mattress and covers alone if you wanted.

My box came with:

  • The box, mattress, waterproof cover, sheet
  • Tote bag that was full of samples, coupons, a coupon for $25 your next box purchase and a membership to Baby Box University
  • Thermometer
  • Lovey and Wooden Teether (he loves this currently)
  • Halo Sleepsack
  • 2 Onesies and a Sleeper
  • 2 socks, 2 bibs, pair of mittens, cap, 3 washcloths, 3 burp cloths (all organic)
  • Pack of Bamboo Organic Diapers
  • Full Size Body and Hair Baby Wash
  • Board Book for Baby

He loved the box, slept in it and I felt so much safer. Not only that, but it is great for if you stay somewhere and want to put the baby in it. We brought my children to Great Wolf Lodge when he was 3 months. I brought the box and that is where he slept in the hotel. I was able to pack his items for the trip right inside the box for the travel too!

If you were thinking of a bassinet, skip it and grab one of these awesome boxes instead. I currently pack away his too large clothes inside it, but eventually I will keep memory items in it for him, so I can later on give it back to him when he’s older and ready to have kids of his own.

I highly recommend your baby sleeps in a box! You can check them out at Baby Box Co.

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