My Personal Review of Amber Teething Necklaces

teething necklace

Everyone out there has been talking on and on about amber teething necklaces. I am sure some hate them, some love them and then some do not even know much about them. However, I have used them on 3 of my 4 kids and I want to sum up some answers to the questions that you might have about them. I can go over some pretty good points here, so you can then decide for yourself whether or not amber teething necklaces are the right method for you to try with your little one. You want to find something that provides you with the benefits of teething relief, without the unnatural approach that some methods might provide.

teething necklace
Beautiful Teething Necklaces

There are numerous colors and choices to go with. Amber is definitely a beautiful stone and one that would look great on both boys and girls! I loved decking my little girl out in some colorful beads, while going for some neutral colors for my boys. If you like the look of baby jewelry, then they can provide that pop you’re looking for. Check out some of the cuter ones on the market here.

Amber is All Natural 

Probably one of the biggest reasons that moms turn to amber teething necklaces is because they’re an all natural approach to having something that soothes baby. One of the biggest reasons I turned to them was because I didn’t want to keep giving my baby loads of medicine over and over again – it is usually not good for them!

These necklaces work because the amber stones release a natural pain reliever when placed on the warm skin. The baby is then able to get more relief through having the natural oils from the stones.

Easy and safe!

This is one of the best teething necklaces to go with, the good news?

There are many other stones that you can purchase in a necklace or bracelet and use to your advantage for whatever ailment or illness you have! Crazy? I thought so!

I purchased one for anxiety for myself and one of my sons, I love it! You just have to go with the right stones for the ailment that you’re trying to get relief from.


Instead of spending dollar after dollar on those medications, spend a quick $15-$20 and grab a necklace that they can wear from 3 months until 3 years. It is that easy to find something that they can wear throughout the entire teething phase. My daughter is 5 and still loves to wear her necklace. She loves this honey colored one, though she has 3 to choose from.

My kids personally, did not have a hard time with them. They were safe to use, they didn’t choke on them and they never broke. Of course, I took them off while they napped and used common sense while using them. They were cute and they didn’t fidget with them at all. In my opinion, definitely a purchase well made based on all the points above. I didn’t have to use plastic teethers, either. Though, they did like wooden ones, or these nice rubber necklace ones.

It is entirely up to you on what you do – but this should help you make a more sound decision from one mom to another! It wouldn’t hurt to try this method and see how it goes, it won’t cost too much and if it doesn’t work for you, you can always say you purchased an extremely cute accessory!


  1. […] They’re sold in many shops, but make sure they have the stamp of certified amber and not from just any company. They will not provide the same healing properties if they’re just regular stones that mimic amber ones. Amber teething necklaces can be found here and here. […]

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