Aimee J. Keepsake Box and Book – My Honest Review


Imagine the world where you’re completely organized and have all of the dates, pictures, and memories stashed in one place. Yeah, me either. I find it difficult to do this when I don’t have something to help me along – much like I have my planner.

One of the coolest products that I have come along in my journey to find something exciting, organizational and cute was the Aimee J. Keepsake Collection. With a keepsake box and book, you have everything you need right there. Not only can you keep all of these important tidbits together, but you never have to worry about losing out on a date, a memory or anything else when it comes to your little one.


The Keepsake Box

The keepsake box is not only high quality and durable, but super cute. You can get it in a couple different colors, but since I have a boy, his stuff went in the blue striped box. It ties closed with the ribbon, but the top is heavy enough to just sit tight and close.

The size of the box is also nice because you’re easily able to stash your items away and not have to worry about having to fit them inside. I can put his first booties, cute onesies, pictures, a small blanket or anything else I want to hold onto that was a part of him at the many stages of life.

I highly recommend the box, because how else are you going to stay organized when it comes to getting the items all in the same place? This box can help you make it happen.


The Keepsake Book

Want to make sure to remember those important dates or milestones? This is the way to go. With extra inserts that you can place right inside the book, you never have to worry about not being able to keep the information handy.

When your little one asks what they weighed, what time they were born, what their first holidays were like and so much more – reference this book and let them see just how much you grew throughout the years.


I thought it was definitely a cute idea. Along with the book and inserts, you just stick the pages where you want them and all of your dates and everything else are in one place. The durable outer covers give it the protection it needs so you never have to worry about storing it and ruining the inside pages.

My Overall Thoughts

If you’re looking for something that is going to hold onto those memories forever, then Aimee J. Keepsakes has everything you’re looking for. Who knows, you might be able to find a little something extra that you can use as your little one grows.

Definitely, check out the online site, find something you love and show a little love for something that takes a lot of thought and effort to give you the organization you need with high-quality products for your littles.

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